Please be the change in a child's life by donating today. Whatever you can give, your donation will go a long way towards educating a child. For £20 a month you can join the sponsorship program for a child's education, which will transform their lives. For many of us going to school is the norm, but for these children, it remains a dream. Answer a child's dream today, and give them the chance to live a better life.

If you can't afford £20 to sponsor a child, then give what you can, every penny counts.

In 2015-16 the cost of children's education varied from school to school and by location, if children are residential or staying at home, full-time education or tuition fees on average the cost per child was £20 per month.

100% of YOUR selected sponsorship amount is spent on a child/youngster's education.

To join the sponsorship program: